Digimon TCG – Tamer’s Evolution Box 2 PB-06 – Englisch


Digivolve your game!

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The second set of the perfect accessory box item for Digimon fans and collectors! In addition to an exclusive playmat, memory gauge and marker, sleeves, and deck case, this set also includes a gorgeous collection of alternative art reprinted cards! Digivolve your game!

[Set Contents]
・Playmat (1 type) x1
・Memory Gauge (1 type) x1
・Storage Box (1 type) x1
・Acrylic Marker (1 type) x1
・Sleeves (2 types) : 1 type x50 (Standard) + 1 type x5 (Digi-Egg)
・Card Case (1 type) x1
・Cards (8 types) x8 *English ver.
・Separator (1 type) ×1

Sprache: Englisch

Produktnummer: 4549660735939