Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonlance – Shadow of the Dragon Queen – Deluxe Edition Englisch


Defy the Dragon Army



The army of the evil Dragon Queen marches across Krynn, opposed by an alliance of desperate defenders. On the battlefield and beyond, it’s up to a band of adventurers to turn the tide of war and save Krynn. Experience these heroes’ adventures in Shadow of the Dragon Queen Deluxe Edition, a unique experience that connects the Shadow of the Dragon Queen Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying adventure with the mass – combat battles of the Wariors of Krynn cooperative board game!


Deluxe Edition Components:

  • Shadow of the Dragon Queen, with an exclusive foil cover — an adventure set during the War of the Lance for characters of level’s 1-11, for use with the fifth edition Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • Warriors of Krynn, a cooperative mass battle game pitting the heroes and their allies against the fearsome Dragon Army, designed by Rob Daviau and Stephen Baker
  • A Dungeon Master’s screen found only in this Deluxe Edition, for use with your D&D adventures


Warriors of Krynn Components:

  • 6 hero figures
  • 6 hero boards
  • 130 plastic markers
  • 9 double – sided battle tiles
  • 22 double – sided adventure tiles
  • 7 custom dice
  • 106 tokens
  • 323 cards
  • 1 storage tray
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 scenario book
  • 1 key moment tracker


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